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Sea Freight can also be referred to as Sea Cargo. It is the transport of goods in sea containers that are dispatched through sea ports. Cargo is a term used to denote goods or produce being transported generally for commercial gain. The cargo can be transported on a ship, plane, train or truck. Nowadays, containers are used in all intermodal long-haul cargo transport. A cargo ship is any sort of ship that carries cargo, goods, and other materials from one port to another. Cargo shipping via sea is generally considered one of the most economical methods of shipping and it will save you time and energy. Sea cargo is usually packed in containers.

our global network allow us to offer reliable and timely transport solutions on all the world’s oceans. Full-container loads (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL) or entire project consignments delivered port-to-port or to their final destination, customs clearance, exact shipping documentation, and complete handling of your import goods are part of our services. We support your success by optimizing your supply chain.


 1. Door to airport:
We collect cargo from your residence – we then fly them to your required city airport- then you collect your cargo upon their arrival at the airport.

  2. Airport to airport:
Your delivery to the airport or to our offices – then we fly your cargo to required airport then you collect your cargo upon their arrival at the airport.

Importing cargo into South Africa:
Your dedicated consultant will advise you on the requirements and documentation needed to enter South Africa. Upon arrival in South Africa we will meet the incoming flight and liaise with the customs officers to clear your cargo into South Africa. We offer 2 types of services (Import assistance only and Full Export & Import services):

Import assistance only
From a South African airport to your residence: upon arrival we meet the incoming flight, clear customs, and then we will deliver your cargo to your residence; All quotations are for this option unless you have different requirements, where we will tailor your quote.

Full Export & Import services
Door to door: our agent will collect your cargo from residence at your origin – then the cargo will be flown into South Africa – upon arrival we meet the incoming flight, clear customs and then we will deliver your cargo to your residence.


Road freight (also sometimes referred to as ‘road haulage’ or ‘road transport’) is often the most effective mode of transport for Southern African countries. Not only is road freight a consideration for exports into Africa, but also a large number of exports from land-locked cities are moved down to the ports (Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, etc.) by road. Even if you are located near a port, you are likely to use road transportation to move your goods from your factory to the quayside. Thus, road transportation may form part of your transportation considerations, even if you are shipping your goods by sea.

Local companies using air freight to get their goods to foreign markets are similarly likely to use road transportation to move their products from the factory to the airport. You should also not forget that road haulage may form a significant part of your transportation in countries in Europe, the US, Asia, etc., as the goods are moved from the port of discharge to your intended destination. Thus, road freight is likely to form an integral part of your transportation and logistical options.

*Full Load option

*Dedicated trucks ranging from 1 ton to Super links


*Project Movements

*Hazardous cargo


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